Can someone help me with this OP report. I need to figure out the ICD 10 PCS codes

Can someone help me with this OP report. I need to figure out the ICD 10 PCS codes. Seems like there’s a few. I

have a few possible answers but I’m not too sure.

 Thanks ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentOPERATIVE REPORT:PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Ovarian carcinoma status post chemotherapyPOSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Ovarian carcinoma status post chemotherapyPROCEDURE PERFORMED:1. Exploratory laparotomy2. Pelvic washings3. Diaphragmatic brushings4. Right salpingo-oophorectomy5. Bilateral pelvic lymph node biopsies6. Biopsies of the rectosigmoid, bilateral peritoneum and greater omentum.Please see dictation in reference to the subsequent biopsy of the left pleuralmassANESTHESIA: General endotracheal anesthesiaDRAINS: Foley to gravity. She also has a left chest tube placedESTIMATED BLOOD LOSS: 150 mL.IV FLUIDS: One liter of crystalloid plus one unit packed red blood cellsURINE OUTPUT: At the end of my portion of the procedure, 300 mL of clear urineINDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient is an 85-year-old African femalewho originally presented with ascites, mesenteric disease, and a pelvic mass.She underwent a paracentesis that was consistent with adenocarcinoma. Sheunderwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy and repeat imaging, which revealed anexcellent response. Given those findings, she was brought to the operating roomtoday for debulking.FINDINGS: External genitalia was atrophic as was the vaginal canal. The cervixwas surgically absent given her previous hysterectomy. There were no palpablemasses. Intraoperatively, surface of the peritoneum, surface of the liver surfaceof the bowel was grossly normal. There were adhesions of the rectosigmoid tothe left pelvic sidewall. The right adnexa appeared grossly normal. There wassome induration of the omentum but no gross tumor. In the procedure, there wasno gross tumor that was visualized.PROCEDURES: The patient was taken to the operating room. She was intubatedwithout complication and placed in dorsal lithotomy position. She was preppedand draped in the usual sterile fashion. A Foley catheter was placed forintraoperative urinary drainage. A vertical midline incision was made with the use

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