Can you answer the question on Week-7 Peer-Review Worksheet

Can you answer the question on Week-7 Peer-Review Worksheet by reading the attached draft and fill out the yes or

no and the comment and also once completed please give me a few paragraphs on your overall thoughts of the document.

For Example: Generally, the paper was well written as per the guidelines for APA formatting. The writer could improve on the citation, use of diction and spelling of one or two words. The writer could include more factual proof as evidence for some of the statements made, this will avoid dismissal by the reader as mere claims. The author should put in more effort to include all the cited information in the reference page. I have to say I agree with a lot of the points you made. I have always thought that is better to get divorced than to stay in a marriage that won’t work. Overall I thought you did an excellent job

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentThe Rise of Childhood Obesity1The Rise of Childhood ObesityBruce BullsDeVry UniversityENGL 135Professor: A. Parrish

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