Canada Regional Geography Population and Immigrants Discussion

Canada Regional Geography Population and Immigrants Discussion

Please answer one of the following questions as per the instructions in the forum description. You are also to respond to a colleagues post (a single post may be responded to numerous times if it interests you). Don’t forget to post your answer (both your original post and your reply) to the assignment box

  1. How might the combined effects of an aging population and increasing numbers of immigrants alter Canada’s population distribution?
  2. The legal meaning of Indigenous title to land has evolved over time in Canada, especially since the late 1960s/early 1970s. In what ways has the legal definition of Indigenous title changes, and what, in your opinion, are the key events and decisions that have marked these changes?
  3. What are the national and international forces at play in debates regarding the Alberta oil sands?
  4. With a couple of exceptions, most notably Kelowna, rates of population and economic growth in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland have been substantially higher in comparison to the interior. What explains this spatially variable pattern of growth? Under what circumstances might higher rates of growth in British Columbia’s interior be achieved? Does the government have a role to play in this regard?
  5. The recent/current COVID-19 global pandemic has shut borders and stopped travel. How does this impact Canada and Canadians?


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