capstone thesis problem statement literature review methodology research plan 1

Hay Mate this is the continuation of the Capstone/Thesis assignment

Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methodology, Research Plan I’m interested in the topic of the importance of proper logistical planning to respond to emergencies or disasters in remote locations like Hawaii, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, (or something similar).

Create the document that will ultimately become your final project report. Include all of the material required by the capstone manual–title page, copyright, dedication, abstract, etc. Ensure the body has all the required sections and headings–Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion, etc.

Complete sections one (Introduction) two (Literature Review-A brief overview of contents) and three (Methodology). In the methodology section, be sure to separately address both the research theory (qualitative, quantitative, etc.) and your data collection and analysis plan–they’re different things. The literature review should have level 2 headings that will be present in the final document and begin to outline the larger literature review of the final paper.

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