case analysis 208

Read the article in… and address the following issues around the Toys “R” Us’ journey from a pioneer and leader in the retail toy industry to bankruptcy.

  • What were the significant General/Macro Environmental trends and changes over time that contributed to Toys “R” Us’ downfall? Consider Technology, Sociocultural, Economic, and Political/Legal trends or changes.
  • What competitive environment trends or changes also occurred that affected Toys “R” Us’ dominant market position?
  • What internal factors or conditions (e.g., HR practices, leadership, culture, motivation, etc.) prevented Toys “R” Us from responding effectively to the major trends or changes you identified in the General/Macro and Competitive environments?
  • To what extent did management and the various buy-outs of Toys “R” Us, contribute to the downfall of the company?
  • Evaluate the ethics of the decisions by the CEO’s and boards of directors for the buy outs of the company and the resultant debt burden.Identify the major stakeholders and apply the principles of ethical decision-making (long-term self-interests; religious injunction; government requirements; individual rights; personal virtue; distributive justice; and utilitarian benefits).

Prepare a paper using a citation style of your preference (APA, MLA, etc.). Paper should be a maximum of 5 pages (excluding the title page, abstract page, and references) and include the following: a title page; introduction (clearly stating the purpose of the paper and method of analysis); an analysis section for each of the 5 analysis topics; a summary and conclusions; and a reference page.A minimum of 4 additional credible outside references are required and must be cited using in-text citations.

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