character concepts and passages of topics in humanities

Write a paragraph on EACH of the following concepts/characters/passages. If it is a character, make sure to describe the who, what, when, where, and also the why important ESPECIALLY in regards to the theme of the course and the content of the work. If it is a concept, make sure to explain how that concept fits into the appropriate texts, what the larger meaning of the concept is for the course, and characters who may be associated with the concept. If it is a passage, write out a full explication of the passage, how it reflects a theme that may run throughout the work, how it demonstrates the voice of the character, how it addresses a particular concept, etc. USE CITATIONS TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER.

  • Madame de Meurteuil
  • Controlling Love (Marie de France)
  • “I’ve always known I was born to dominate your sex and avenge my own.”
  • Elvira/Erwin
  • The Strange Traveler (Death in Venice)
  • Bisclavret
  • The Slaughter House
  • Having to Learn to Love Men
  • The Painted Man on the Boat (Death in Venice)
  • The Uncanny in Death in Venice

EXTRA CREDIT: (you must use relevant quotes from our recent texts for extra credit)

  • Constructed Nature of Sexuality
  • Freudian Analysis of Death in Venice
  • Masculine Action / Feminine Action
  • Confession and Sexuality

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