Check and Rewrite paper

Check and Rewrite paper

I need my paper to be checked and rewritten. Also,  2 extra resources need to be added and create an outline.  2 resources must be cited in the text.

                                                                                            Child’s Place

A child’s place organization was established to increase the access to education  to homeless children and remove any other barrier created by homelessness among these children.These homeless children have various needs which vary with season, period of the year and the generosity of the donors. The needs of the children include school uniform such as skirts and shorts for boys and girls respectively,snacks, toiletries and school supplies such as pens, pencils, scissors,erasers,glue sticks and dividers. These children also need financial need to enable them acquire essential basic needs required for their survival. The characteristics of homeless children include;they must be living in unstable housing condition such as homeless shelters, pay the week hotels,foster children awaiting permanent placement and places not intended for human habitation such as abandoned buildings.  A housing calamity must also have occurred within the past twelve months.The needs of these children make them to experience behavioral and emotional problems which affect their way of life (Hubbard, 2007).

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Giving aid to these children therefore helps these children to have equal opportunities and advantages like other children, have quality access to education and have better housing opportunities as their housed peers.  The child’s place organization conducts various activities to ensure the well-being of these homeless children. These include conducting a donation drive that includes organizing for donations from parents, community and other well-wishers. This is by providing a volunteer information packet for any person wishing to volunteer, establishing an online volunteer application and support volunteer opportunities.There are both student and program volunteer services. The student support volunteer services include classroom assistance such as tutoring individual students and organizing small group discussions and having lunch buddies where a volunteer visits the school once a week and have lunch with the homeless child, pray, read or play games. The child’s place organization also organizes how snacks are delivered to school regularly in snack bags and ensures that the resource rooms which act as stores for snacks, uniforms and toiletries are well maintained. This organization also organizes for office and on –call volunteers who assist  in answering phones and other fundraiser for offering a financial aid to the homeless children.The aid given by the child’s place organizationhas helped the homeless children to access basic needs such as a nourishing meal,a shower,clean clothes,medical care and a secure placeto live. It has also helped to provide security to these children thus eradicating fear and mistrust among them. In addition, it has built the values of trust, respect and honesty among the homeless children and eliminated vices such as cheating and stealing. This has promoted the stability and structure which is important in promoting a positive future for the children thus encouraging the children to believe in themand make smart choices for their lives (Hall &Moore, 2013).

Many people should take the initiative to support the child’s place organization for example by donating food which helps to curb the problem of world hunger by providing sustainable and long termsolutions to hunger and malnourishment. This will help to rescue many homeless children from starvation.Having access to enough food gives the children energy to play,read and carry out other co-curricular activities.Offering financial aid to these homeless children will also increase their access to education and this helps them to live better lives. Adequate financeswill also help to purchase uniforms, snacks and stationeries necessary for learning by the homeless children. The finances will also help to provide adequate medical care to the children in addition to catering for theremuneration of the volunteers who take care for the children.This will promote the growth of the organization to be able to accommodate more children (Hall & Moore, 2013).

In addition, regular visits to the child’s place organization for example through lunch buddies  gives people the opportunity to interact with the homeless children, this  helps them acquire positive attitudes which gives them the morale to move on.Interaction with other students also promotes learning since they are able to carry out discussions and other educative programs such as debates which improve their knowledge.

 Donating to the homeless children will give them a sense of appreciation for themselves and this acts as the building block for self-confidence since they see themselves as being equal to other housed peers.Self-confidence will help these children to explore their full potentials and make new inventions and discoveries that are of important social and economic growth.

Donating to the homeless children will help reduce poverty especially along the streets and slums.This is due to the reduction in the number of families and children in need. This will reduce vices such as stealing to earn a source of livelihood and production of economically productive people leading to economic growth (Hall & Moore, 2013).

In conclusion,a child’s place organization aims at improving the lives of homeless children. There is need for people to support this organization inorder to promote equal opportunities for both the disadvantaged children and those living in stable conditions.


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