Childhood Literacy Lesson

Childhood Literacy Lesson, writing assignment help

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Describe a safe and sensitive classroom environment for children with language or cultural differences

The answer to this Discussion Board question must be at least 250 words and use proper grammar and spelling. One citation is required per discussion question response. You must make sure to cite your sources properly using APA / MLA.



Tape your voice in a 5-minute conversation with a friend. Analyze the discussion for your dialect, accent, and Standard English usage. Use Chapter 4 as a resource. Then write a summary of what you learned about yourself.

Summary should include the following:

  • Use of a minimum of one citation from the textbook or another source of information to support your rationale.
  • List your source of information.

Minimum length of summary is 250 words (excluding citation). 



Machado, J.M. (2016).  Early childhood Experiences in Language Arts:  Early literacy. 11th Edition.  Boston, MA:  Cengage Learning.