Choose Essay Topic

Choose one of the following scenarios and watch the accompanying video.You are an executive for an international corporation that is expanding into China. Your task is to set up a hiring program that will be used in the new Chinese branch of the company.Read transcript for “Business the Chinese Way”You work for a refugee relief organization. You are given the job of setting up schools in Chechen refugee camps in Chechnya.Video: “Chechen Refugee Camps”You work for a humanitarian organization. You are asked to expand your organization into Iraq to aid in the country’s rebuilding effort.Video: “Post War Conditions in Iraq”

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper about the challenges of planning the project.

Include the following in your paper:At least three topics that you would like to better understand before beginning the project.Describe ethnocentric challenges that may arise when planning the project.Discuss the types of questions the researcher should ask.Include peer-reviewed sources to support your points.Materials neededTranscript: Business the Chinese Way Video: Chechen Refugee Camps Transcript: Chechen Refugee Camps Video: Post War Conditions in Iraq Transcript: Post War Conditions in Iraq

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