Choosing a Career in Forensic Science Research Paper

Researching Your Dream Forensics Career

Time to show off your investigative skills! In no more than three (3) pages, identify your dream forensics career—be as specific as possible—and research what you need to do to get to that point (education, training), what the realities of the job are, etc.

First, you will need to go to Read the section about choosing a career within the forensic sciences at . Identify which section you might like to belong to and what you would need to do to become an at least an associate member of that section.

(Then move on to the actual job you would like to do. Look at employer websites and TRY TO REACH SOMEONE WHO DOES THAT JOB. Ask them about what they do, how they achieved that position, what their favorite parts of the job and least favorite parts of the job are, and any advice they might give to someone interested in pursuing that career. However, please be aware that your phone call may not be a priority matter at the time you call. If you are told that it is not a good time, ask to schedule a time to call back or leave your information so that someone can contact you at their convenience). If you couldn’t find anyone, let me know too.

Please remember to appropriately cite where you obtained your information!