class presentation 2

What is required via Canvas is the Power Point, or if using Prezi, the URL link to the presentation.

Class presentation will be worth 250 points maximum, and it is a SALES presentation, not an academic presentation. It is graded upon:

Power Point Visual Presentation – (appeal, appropriateness for sales, creativity and novelty of presentation; does it adequately represent your idea in a positive way? Is it free of spelling and grammatical errors?) – 100 points

Verbal Presentation – (professionalism, appropriateness for sales, unique or engaging styles, staying within allotted time, not focusing your gaze on the screen? Are you dressed appropriately for the presentation – this may be in dress clothes or clothes befitting the event being proposed?) – 100 points

Overall Presentation Design and Stage Setting – (is the presentation in keeping with the theme or goals for the event? Do visual and verbal complement each other, not repeat each other? Is the message compelling to advance the possibility of obtaining an event contract? If props are used, do they enhance the presentation and have a purpose?) – 50 points

Please feel free to stop by the office to see past proposal examples, to discuss your focus in events, and to use the assembled library of event books for brainstorming ideas.

*Please follow the file I sent to you, make sure that follow the information in the file to make it into a PowerPoint.

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