class project for amazon s impacts


Review some quotes below:

  • Amazon will buy Ring home security five years after the business failed to land a deal on “Shark Tank,” the companies said Tuesday.
  • Inc. has rolled out the next phase of its Australian operations by offering merchants who sell on its site access to the company’s fulfillment and delivery service.

The acquisition, reportedly for more than $1 billion, adds to Amazon’s internet-connected home devices, though Ring is already a part of the Seattle company’s Alexa Fund portfolio.

The move likely signals that Amazon will be looking to expand its warehouse footprint in Australia, where it operates only one fulfillment center on the population-dense east coast outside its second biggest city Melbourne.

  • Amazon will buy Target in 2018, influential tech analyst Gene Munster predicts
  • Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster predicts Amazon will buy Target this year. “Target is the ideal offline partner for Amazon for two reasons, shared demographic and manageable but comprehensive store count,” Munster says. Target shares rose 3.7 percent Tuesday.


In your opinion, is Amazon emerging as a Monopoly power? Analyze the impact of Amazon’s increasing power on the following areas:

  • Impact on consumption/consumers, demand, supply and prices
  • Impact on transportation
  • Impact on Trade/International trade
  • Impact on the Banking Industry
  • Impact on postal services, pharmacies and other businesses
  • !!!!!!!!!Your impression as students of Economics!!!!!!!!


  • The paper cannot exceed SIX typed pages – font 11 or 12.

Hint: Use your imagination; think about the changes; think in terms of all the micro issues that could be related to Amazon’s rising power; consumer experience; or impact on other competition…..

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