Coca Cola Financial Analysis History Development & Primary Operations Essay

Find the most recent annual report (10-K) from the following website, searching by the company’s ticker symbol shown above in the search bar: (Links to an external site.). You will download the Excel version of the financial statements (or copy them into Excel) and perform all ratios using Excel. You will also use the written version of the 10-K.

1. Describe the history, development, and primary operations of the corporation. What do you find interesting about the company? Why did you choose this company over the other option? Obtain this information from the 10-K, company website, Google, etc. (Limit discussion on #1 to one page maximum).

2. Has there been a growth in profits (Net Income) over prior years? Discuss and include the net income numbers for the last two years. If you do see growth, why? If not, why not? Obtain the earnings per share amounts from the face of the income statement and include these in your discussion. A discussion is required here about the company income fluctuations, EPS, and what has been going on with the company to contribute to income fluctuations.

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3. What does the 10-K and/or company website say regarding ethical responsibility as a company? Do you think this is sufficient? Is the company doing their part to create an ethical workplace? In your opinion, are they maintaining ethical practices? If you cannot find this information in the 10-K, Google the company name and ethics. Research the company’s ethical policies and summarize.

4. Invest or Not?


Given your research thus far, would you invest in this company? Why or why not? Justify your decision based on the questions preceding this. Discussion here is approximately 1 page.