Recommended assignment length: 1.5 pages, double spaced

Before reading: Skim & Scan the document!


1) One important term used in this article is “code-switching.” Based on what you read, explain in your own words what “code-switching” is. (You can use a dictionary to help!)

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Take a closer look:


2) What register does this article use? Explain how you know this.


3) What speech community(ies) might read this article? Explain how you know this.


Interpreting the topic:


4) In 2-3 sentences, summarize the main idea(s) that Fought presents in this article.


(Use your own words!)


5) What are three characteristics of Chicano English? Have you ever heard Chicano English?


6) According to the author, what are some reasons that this is an important topic to study? (2-3 sentences)