Come up with a thesis analytical essay

Come up with a thesis analytical essay, writing homework help


Please follow the instructions below :Come up with a thesis based on the two texts provided!Introduction:Write one paragraph summary 8-10 sentences only!. Also write the thesis in the last sentence of the paragraph. Please have 4-5 body paragraphs about the short story and the critique. Use quotes from the story “roman fever” and the critique. Prove the thesis. Please have at least 8-10 quotes each from the two texts. Also when you are quoting from the text use in text citations and quotes have to match where you got it from in the text. When quoting change the italics!.Conclusion should be like this:It should be what you mentioned in the introductionDo not add anything new and do not repeat yourself. Please have a work cited page. MLA format Come up with an title No plagiarism or sloppy work!!!. I will provide the two texts

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