communication 598 storytelling in interaction


“I am fascinated by how narrative, the story form, is able to shape our immediate experience, even to influence deeply our conceptions of what is real, what must be real.” (Bruner, 2010, p. 45)

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Draw on the quote from the reading by Bruner, along with other ideas in his article, to write a 1000-1200 (about 3- 4 pages, single-spaced) word reflection about why, from his point of view, we tell stories.

EXPLAIN Bruner’s ideas, as well as draw on the ideas in the readings by Dunbar and Gopnik (Week 2 readings).

Include in the reflection a stroy that you’ve heard, for example by your parents, grandparents or older friend/relative, that you believe demonstrates Bruner’s perspective. How dees the story do this? Recall class discussions in which we analyzed stories as ways of passing along cultural Values and Knowledge, Bruner’s central thesis.

Include at least three references from the Bruner reading, including page numbers, and one reference from the Dunbar reading and one reference from the Gopnik reading, including page numbers.

Do not use more than one direct quote (i.e., practice summarizing ideas in your own words).

Use APA citation style for references and include a bibliography.

APA in text example:

According to Bruner (2010), stories, like language, are innate (p. 45)

Scholars have claimed that stories, like language, are innate (Bruner, 2010:45)

APA bibliographic example:

Goodwin, C. (1994). Professional vision. American anthropologist, 96(3), 606-633.