communication in heath care profession

First, lets start with a question based on your experiences, the icebreaker activity, and/or opinion:

1. When two people experience a breakdown in communication, whose responsibility is it to repair the communications? Consider this in our general everyday conversations and also from the context of interacting with a health provider (e.g. doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lab technician, or other allied health professional.)

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Now applying what youve learned from the readings, lets go through the rest of the discussion together, one question at a time.

2. In looking at the Four Styles of Communication (Links to an external site.), does one communication style work better than others in the health care environment? Do people in certain styles have to work harder in communicating with coworkers, supervisors, and/or patients? How so?

3. These styles tend to work well in planned conversations or meetings, but in health settings, that is not always an option. How do we apply what we have learned about these styles in the quick interactions, such as a phone call, blood pressure check, pharmacy pick-up, flu shot, or even the more pressured situations like emergency room visits or first responder situations? How can we apply these in written communications?

4.Looking back at our conversation on communication styles so far this week, how might peoples communication styles and cultures intersect or complement one another? How might they diverge? Please provide examples.



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