Communications Social Media Discussion Paper

Communications Social Media Discussion Paper

One of the theories of mass communication is the uses and gratifications theory.  Some scholars of this theory believe that we are active seekers of mass and social media.

Are you an active participant in mass and social media?  What specific mediums do you seek out regularly?  What mediums have you stopped participating in and why?  Do you find community in social media?  Do you seek out social media for news and information?  If so, why do you trust these sources?  Do you seek it out for fun and escape?  How often do you use social media?  Do you find it to be a positive influence in your life?  Why or why not?

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Do you seek out social media outlets related to aspects of your identity?  Are there specific forums you utilize for confirmation and positive affirmations?  Have you or anyone close to you ever been trolled or targeted on social media with negative or disconfirming messages?  How did you handle those messages?  If you were targeted, were the messages from an anonymous source or someone you knew?  Did anyone come to your defense?