Compare and Contrast Democrats vs Republican Report

It should be 2 pages more than 500 words.

This is a small essay, so you do not have to write a title page for this assignment. You should have a title on your first page. Develop this like any other comparison/contrast essay you would write for a class: it should have at least four paragraphs (introduction with a hook and a thesis, at least two body points with topic sentences and transitions, and a conclusion with a review and a final statement). You should have parenthetical citations for your quotations and a works cited page at the end (preferably APA, but you can do MLA for this one). I think most students will try one of two formats: 1) You set up a four paragraph essay that has an intro paragraph, the first point is about one speech, the second point is about another speech, and then you conclude, or 2) you set up a four to five paragraph essay centered around theoretical concepts that has an intro paragraph, a first point that looks at Ethos in both speeches, second point looks at Pathos in both speeches, and a third point that looks at Logos in both speeches. You don’t have to use Ethos, Pathos, and Logos if you don’t want to, you can use any theoretical lens provided in the textbook. Please, please, please do a spell/grammar check before you turn it in.