Compare and contrast the functions normally associated with 4PLs to those of 3PLs

After reading the references sources, please write an essay addressing the following questions.

  1. Compare and contrast the functions normally associated with 4PLs to those of 3PLs.
  2. What are the factors responsible for more and more companies relying on the services of 4PLs?
  3. Explain why it is important to establish metrics that can help determine the “value” a 4PL can contribute to the supply chain, before entering into these agreements.
  4. Would you consider Unyson’s logistics solutions, as devised for Big Lots, to be consistent with the role of a 4PL in adding value to a supply chain? (Explain and illustrate.)

Describe, compare and contrast the roles of traditional logistics service providers with the roles of virtual logistics service providers. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of why virtual logistics services are important, the reason for increased specialization among third and fourth party service providers, and how these services support collaborative logistics management initiatives. Skillfully integrate information from previous logistics courses with information obtained from this course’s readings. 



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