comparing fences by august wilson and death of a salesman by arthur miller

Title:Comparing fences by august Wilson and death of a salesman by arthur miller.

Paper Requirement

Racism is everywhere; it is all around us and at most times it resides within us. Racism basically refers to the characterization of people (ethnicity based) with certain distinct traits.

(Explain the difference between a white family and a black fmaily).

(Analyze the variance of black and white family)

It is a tool with which people use to distinguish themselves between each other.


Arthur Asher Miller

  • As a writer and man of the theater, he was kind of momenting the fact that there are few tragedies and he has lots of reasons.

“Fences” by August Wilson

  • When we talk about Troy Maxson compared to (37:48, Willie Logans), it is very interesting on what obviously Wilson is doing.
  • Wilson wrote one play for every decade of the 20th century
    • Dramatizing some aspects of black experiences.
      • An experienced of being an African-American in the United States
  • It was played in 1985 but it is set in 1957.
  • Characters:
    • Troy Maxson
      • He is a patriarch
      • He got a wife that he loves, but he has been having an affair and he got a son.
    • Helen of Troy
      • The character of Rose
      • The play is a critique, not an anecdote or a version.
      • In a racist society, black people don’t have rights.
      • The start of the scene, Troy is having an affair with Alberta and she got her pregnant.

August Wilson

  • He said that he was influenced by something called “The Four Bs”.

About the Play:

  • The play was originated in the 1985
  • Cast and Characters:
    • The character of Troy Maxson was played by James Earl Jones.
      • He was the legend of Broadway theater.
    • Rose Maxson was played by Marie Alice
    • Cory Maxson was played by Courtney Vance
    • Jim Bono was played by Ray Aranha
    • Gabriel Maxson was played by Frankie Fayson
    • Lyons Maxson was played by Daniel Jenkins
    • Raynell Maxson played by Karima Miller

Opinions about the movie “Fences” and the characters

  • Does it strengthen her character?
  • He thinks being honest is the best thing
  • Nora
    • Being a christian woman is something that’s very much apart of Rose’s character
    • Best part of the character is the christianity part
    • Troy lost his dad
    • Rose can never have her daughter
    • Who sacrificed the most?
      • Rose felt like she married him
        • She is working the job she doesn’t like
      • Troy thought he sacrifices the most
      • She made up her mind that it was time for him to go
    • Rose now have Troy 7 year old girl
      • She is now adorable and happy
      • She ended up having a good decision
    • Troy’s downfall is his own fault
    • Troy is a womanist

    • Wilkis Wilson
      • Loves the careers of countless actors.

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