complete short discussion tasks due

1: Discuss the managed care accreditation process. Do you feel that accreditation is important for managed care organizations? Why or why not?

2: How does a company’s financing strategy impact its operations and performance? What is risk, and how does it affect decisions about investment?

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3: Identify an animal toxin and describe the therapeutic uses of the toxin.

4 (HUM): Rank in order from greatest to least the following Greek figures on the basis of which had the greatest impact on Western civilization: Solon, Socrates, Alexander of Macedon. It should be clear from your ranking why one figure deserves a greater position than another. Be sure to draw on factual details from the reading to justify your rankings.

5 (psy): Think of a behavior that you have that you would like to change. How could you use behavior modification, specifically positive reinforcement, to change your behavior? What is your positive reinforcer?

6 (COMP): We have learned a variety of tips you can use to create visually appealing tables in Excel, including applying table and cell styles and changing the size of rows and columns. Another helpful Excel tool is the ability to merge and center cells and to wrap text within a cell.Now consider these questions: In what situations would this feature be useful? Would you ever use this feature? Why or why not?