Concept Map and Literature Review

Concept Map and Literature Review, writing assignment help

Revise the paper you wrote for me. Here is my professor ‘s comments: “This is good, but not quite what I was looking for. What you’ve done is made an argument for how systemic liberal peace is achieved. What I was looking for was a synthesis of the research debate, not so much whether one factor explains peace better. I’ve attached an example for you to look at and to help you.”

Accuracy of content – 3/5 — that your understanding of the key theoretical and conceptual ideas was accurate. • Rhetorically strong writing – 3/5 – a) that you had a thesis, a middle section of the paper that related to the thesis, that your conclusions linked to your thesis; and, b) that you followed my directions by synthesizing the four articles, focusing your literature review around 1-3 points, and that you offered concrete reasoning and plans for next steps in this line of research inquiry.

My professor provides a good example and I have attached it.

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