Concerted Cultivation and Natural Growth Question Discussion

Concerted Cultivation and Natural Growth Question Discussion

SSAY. Select a question and provide a 2 page answer. Due in 2 days.

Explain what Lareau meant by concerted cultivation versus accomplishment of natural growth in terms of the class differences in the way parents view the task of raising children.

2) Describe how education impacts the status group one would be included in.

3) Discuss social class and parental values as described in your textbook. Was your own experience different or similar?

4) Why are less-educated whites more prone to substance abuse than less-educated African Americans or Hispanics? How does reference group theory help in understanding this difference?

5) In what respects is the husband’s role within the household minimized in a women-centered kinship system?

6) Explain why the racial gap in nonmarital childbearing has been narrowing.

7) Compare and contrast any three U.S. racial-ethnic groups in terms of size (proportionate to the total U.S. population), marriage patterns, fertility patterns, and economic advantages or disadvantages.

8) Why do sociologists separate racial-ethnic groups for the study of family

9) Describe some of the trends in patterns of immigration to the United States among Mexican Americans and Puerto Rican Americans. How might these have affected family life

10) How does intermarriage vary among racial-ethnic groups? Explain the gender differences that exist in intermarriage.

11) Explain the two major factors that Cherlin believes explain the decrease in African American marriages and the increase in children born to unmarried mothers.

12) How important is family and kinship in the lives of racial-ethnic groups? Differentiate between marriage-centered networks and women-centered networks.

13) Explain how the following fact affects family relationships in the United States: For every three black unmarried women in their twenties, there is roughly one unmarried black man with earnings above the poverty line.

14) What is meant by a “mediating structure,” and what does it do for African American families?


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