conflict of interest analysis only need 1 well written paragraph

This exercise provides an excellent opportunity to revisit what we’ve covered this term – in particular, the conflict of interest example from Lesson 6. Let’s build on our initial look at potential conflicts of interest that may come up in leadership (artist management) scenarios.

Considering the hypthetical scenario in the previous topic, can you identify any conflicts of interest that could come up related to Liz’s manager having her sign to his publishing company?

What factors inform your findings of a conflict of interest, or not?

What examples of potential conflicts of interest can you identify in the leadership and ethics approaches related to Liz’s manager and publishing endeavors?

What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of Liz signing to his company.

Remember that it is not illegal for him to suggest that Liz sign to his publishing company.

Post your findings and conclusions here. Please be sure to support your findings and conclusions.

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