conflict resolution use of the twelve skills summary


You will prepare a 3-4 page paper meeting the following criteria.

What challenges do you anticipate in negotiating conflicts? Review the Conflict Resolution Network 12 Skills Summary located in Box 12.3 of the Tracy and O’Grady (2019) textbook.

  1. Describe a specific situation or conversation in which there was a conflict between a nurse or advanced practice nurse and another healthcare provider or administrator.
  2. Apply each of the Twelve Skills to the scenario that you have described to produce a positive communication outcome.

Your paper must be presented in a single Word document. The paper must be between 3 to 4 pages in length, not including the title and reference list pages. The paper must use proper APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition formatting, including title page, running head, and reference list with properly formatted citations in the body of the paper.

To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Resources.

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