Conservative Views on Working Class Support Article Summary

Conservative Views on Working Class Support Article Summary

Unfortunately, most people only go to one news source or one ideological news source (liberal or conservative, but not both). This is your chance to do so.


Use the link below to go to real clear’s website.

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Familiarize yourself with the website. Find one article that discusses a political topic affecting the United States THAT WE COVERED IN MODULE 3. Once you have decided on the political topic you want to write on that we covered in the third module, choose an article from a liberal news source and one article that discusses the same political topic from a conservative news source. A political topic is anything that the government is involved in. This can be at the national, state, county, or city level. On the first page write a summary of the article you read. On the second page write a summary of the other article you read. A SUMMARY IS OBJECTIVE, MEANING YOU ARE TELLING ME WHAT IT SAYS, NOT YOUR OPINION OR THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE READING.

List of Liberal Publications:

Associated Press

New York Times

The Washington Post

The Guardian


The New York Daily News

List of Conservative Publications:

The Washington Times

The Federalist

The New York Post

The Washington Examiner

American Greatness


Note: Neither of the above lists are exhaustive.

Follow the required format below with the required headings. You will lose a point for not including any of the headings. On the first and second pages follow the same format. The required headings are all of the following in bold type:

Name of Publication, Article and Link:

Subject of Article:

Summary of Article:

Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, a font size of 12, one inch margins on the top, bottom, and both sides. It should be two pages in length.


Maximum Point Value: 10 points.

Turning in a paper you have already submitted to this class in a previous or current semester or to another professor: loss of 10 points.

Using bolded headings: 1 point.

Selecting a political topic: 1 point.

Using one liberal source: 2 points.

Using a conservative source: 2 points.

Quality of Summaries. You will lose points for giving your opinion. How much points you lose depends on how much of your opinion you give: Lose a maximum of 4 points.

You will lose one point for 3 or grammar/spelling errors, including repeating the same mistake. You will lose two points for 4-6, three points for 7-10, etc.