construction materials and methods write a journal paper style essay about the selected material wood

Hi this assignment is for a Construction materials and methods class and I was tasked with writing a journal paper-style essay about any of the selected material which I chose (WOOD) and the different aspects of this selected materials.

The report should be about 8000 words and should include the following headings:

– Abstract (A summary of your findings)

– Introduction (Origins of the selected material, Share of the market, history, etc.)

– Properties of the selected material

– Uses of the selected material

– Construction methods related to the selected material

– Sustainability and behaviors of the selected material

– Discussion and Conclusion (compare the selected material with other alternatives, explain when and where you think the selected material could (not) be used, important considerations when working with this material, prospect of future use of this material in the construction industry, etc) (about 1000 words)

– List of references

In the attached document you will find more specific details about this assignment . I also need adequate amounts of sources and citation for the research that was done.

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