Contemporary Philosophy Essays

Contemporary Philosophy Essays

Each question should be answered in two or three concise paragraphs.

1 – On page 147 Césaire writes: “I want to add a certain number of considerations related to my position as a man of color.” How is this related to “the right to initiative” mentioned at the bottom of page 149?

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2 – On page 149 Césaire refers to “civilization with a capital C and progress with a capital P.” What does this mean? How is it related, if it is, to what he refers to (on the same page) as “fraternalism’?

3 – On page 152 we read: “My conception of the universal is that of a universal enriched by all that is particular, a universal enriched by every particular: the deepening and coexistence of all particulars.” What does this mean? How is it different from the perspective advocated by Kant, Hegel, and Marx?4 – What does Cabral mean by “re-Africanization” (mentioned on p. 45 and p. 47)? Why is it necessary in the context of the African liberation struggle? Is it in any way related to what Césaire refers to as “the right to personality”? (“Letter to Thorez,” p. 150)

5 – What does Cabral mean by “return to the source” (p. 63)? Is it related to what he refers to as “a frustration complex” (p. 62)? Who is affected by this “complex”?