Copernican Revolution and Descartes

Copernican Revolution and Descartes

What are forms according to Plato? Textbook section 6.2, p.282

What is Descartes doubt? Textbook, p. 284

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  • Summarize and evaluate Locke’s case against innate ideas. Does he successfully show that innate ideas do not exist?
  • Assess Locke’s argument that we can have knowledge of an external world despite our being directly aware only of sense data. Do you agree with him, or do you side with his critics who say that we can know only the contents of our minds?
  • Evaluate arguments for and against Berkeley’s subjective idealism. Do you accept or reject his theory? Why or why not?

How is Kant’s theory of knowledge different from rationalism, empiricism, and skepticism?

  • In what way is Kant’s view a “Copernican revolution”?