CORE Competency Objective

Use effective verbal and nonverbal communication when delivering a speech Assignment Overview

In this practice exercise, you will explore four styles that effective speakers use when delivering speeches. Deliverables

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A one-page (250-word) paper

Step 1 Research a speech.

Using your course materials and the internet, research a speech that you feel is particularly effective, then analyze each speaker’s style and language strategies.

Step 2 Answer the questions.

In a one-page (250-word) paper, address the following: Who was the speaker, and what was that speaker’s main topic? What CORE style(s) does the speaker use in his or her speech? Cite the choice of word phrases and other clues from the speech to justify your answer. What you believe is the speech’s specific purpose? What strategies did the speaker use to achieve the specific purpose of the speech? Do you believe the speaker was successful in achieving the specific purpose of the speech? How does style and word choice in this speech impact the effectiveness of the message? How can you incorporate some of these techniques into your own speeches?