Coronavirus Devastating Effects

Coronavirus Devastating Effects

Go to one of the news sources below and select a topic about a current world event of your choosing. Follow the event for a week and report your findings. Discuss which level of analysis best helps you to understand the event.

BBCnews (Links to an external site.)

Time. ( (Links to an external site.)).

NPR. (Links to an external site.)

Al Jhazeera (Links to an external site.)

Min 200 words, cite your sources


.You may not realize it but you know more than you think about international relations. Write down a major world event that you yourself remember. A world event is carried out by any country, it could include a contest, conflict, or any other important event that is happening in the world and say wether or not the events made a difference in your own personal life. Then interview an older person in your life and ask them to tell you a world event that they remember. Describe the event and tell why this had global significance.

Min 100 words

3.When we look at a map we typically think of it as a static picture. However maps are just a snapshot of a very fluid, mobile series of events. Take a look at the video below and answer the following questions:

1. Choose a period of time (ie. 50 year span, pre wwI, contemporary etc.) and describe the changes you see.

2. How did the map change?

3. What reasons do think caused the change?

4. Do you think there will be any additional changes in the future in that region?

4.Choose one of the statements below and advocate for the opposite position. Be sure to detail your argument and provide evidentiary support.

  1. Poor countries lose from free trade.
  2. The best way to fight the war on terror is by conventional war.
  3. International organizations such as the United Nations erode state sovereignty.

Min 150 words, cite your sources