Corporate Social Responsibility During Covid 19 Pandemic Bibliography

Corporate Social Responsibility During Covid 19 Pandemic Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: General Overview

An annotated bibliography facilitates the gathering and assessing of materials for the framing and development of your dissertation.It is an evaluative and descriptive process that challenges you to refine your skills as a researcher and writer.The overall purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide a foundation that informs and advances your research project.

Specifically, an annotated bibliography will require you to:

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  • Identify significant academic sources that relate to your research area of interests.
  • Provide a clear, concise review of often complex research.
  • Evaluate the sources to gain perspective and connections to your research.

Your annotated bibliography is one document with many sources.Though it follows APA style guidelines, this is not a paper.Sources must remain independently listed and reviewed.

Using the information presented about the Jerry Falwell Library in your APA Quiz for Module/Week 1-4, research an issue in Strategic Communication and write original abstracts summarizing 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years by Module/Week 2 and a total of 25 peer-reviewed articles by Module/Week 7. Each article must be from a peer-reviewed resource, a reliable new source, or a primarily empirical research study (i.e., have a “Method” section). Empirical research means that an actual study was conducted and that data was collected and analyzed using either a quantitative or qualitative design.

For an Example**** of annotations visit:

****NOTE: This project is expected to the instructions listed below.While the APA style expectations on this site aligns with our use of the 7th Edition, the content recommendations on this site (and other sites dedicated to helping you build a strong annotated bibliography) may not be consistent with what is required for this course.Therefore: