create an argumentative speech

create an argumentative speech

Argumentative Speech



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Topic (thesis statement):  Be thankful for the people you have in your life.  


Goal (purpose statement): Make my audience realize how important their life is why we should take advantage of the all the opportunities we have out there in our reach of our hands.




Attention getter:  Introduce a situation to my audience with an unrealistic situation.   (A Situation that happened to one of my long-life best friends) 


Preview main points:


1)Appreciate your life more 


2) DONOT take people for granted  


3) Don’t Judge Situations! 


BODY (1st):


Main points: 1)  Appreciate your life more 


Subpoint: Lets back track to our own life, we tend to be handed opportunities right at our finger tips yet don’t take full advantage. For Example, Christian he was smart but he let the party life get to him, he focused more on his appearances and money itself. 


Subpoint:  Yet coming from a family that taught me the meaning of life and how seek all those opportunities like achieving success in a business or landing your dream job it really is possible if you are willing to put the work into it. Christian wasn’t just any party stud no he was also involved in bettering him in fact he did some real estate as well as signed up for college. What it is, is we don’t take advantage! Any of you sitting here could do anything on your own. You don’t need anything put your own motivation and well-power.


Transition  [Now that I told you why you should appreciate your life more I will now tell you why you shouldn’t take people for granted.]


2)  As we get older are family tends to become busy and our friends slowly fade away. We can be the ones too busy or the ones fading away it always seems to me as everyone cares so much when someone passes away yet wasn’t there half you were alive.


Subpoint:  According to New York times in 2012 they stated that many students don’t appreciate their parents they tend to take them for granted the waking up in the morning spending all their money they have on the school events yet the students don’t see it.  


subpoint:  As you can see many of us live day by day and don’t realize when a friend goes out of them to make us feel special or our family member shows they care and why is that? Because we have high expectation just how my stepmom told me one day don’t expect just appreciate this is so true more than ever now that I don’t have my best friend the fact that I could simply call him to annoy him through out the day or ask him for advice I miss that and Ill never have that. I can’t go back to let him know how thankful I was for taking his time whenever I had a question no matter what he was doing or if his girlfriend was jealous of me he always answered.  


Transition  [ Lastly I will tell about why you shouldn’t judge any situation unless you have all the proof in the world which most likely you won’t]


3)   When my friend was in a coma, I was at work till midnight when I got home I opened my computer and I saw on social media many comments some already stating he had died others saying he was stupid, the news even stated he was drunk driving while others said he was on drugs. People don’t understand how much this can hurt someone when they don’t have the proof especially for a family member. I just remember how upset and sad I was at the moment that people judge his situation with knowing the truth.


Subpoint:  After the truth was laid out to everyone that he was in a tragic accident by making a sharp right turn people still decided to say he deserved it. Before I was in the same boat I always like to have a say in something sometimes without knowing the truth just to be part of it.     


Subpoint: Just remember that making a comment could really affect a person, last week I posted a picture of Christian on my Facebook a girl commented something really rude on my picture than two hours later she deleted after she realized that I paid no attention to it. It really hurt in fact it hurt a lot and it took awhile to let it go but I thankful I’m stronger than what other kids have to say. So what I want you guys to get from this is just don’t judge or talk about something you have no idea or some idea about because it really affects others.  




Review main points: 1)  Now that I’ve told about why you should appreciate your life more you should go out and search for more opportunities and see what is out there waiting for you. 


2) Also while your busy out there searching for those opportunities don’t forget about the people you mostly love and take on this journey with you.


3 Lastly along the way of your journey you will encounter many different situations remember to be a bigger person don’t judge, don’t be part of a crowd who spends their looking on other people flaws or making things up.


Closing thought:  Now remember if you have someone you care about don’t forget to make that extra phone call today because you never know what you have till it’s gone so why wait? Call.