creating a beverage business project explanation guide

In the first few weeks of the class you will be introduced to a methodology frequently used in the creation of business (developing a bubble plan). By making the selections below you have already filled in (2) of the first (3) bubbles or critical business decisions.

Each student will choose (1) location and (1) concept theme from this list from which to develop a business plan. [No substitutes will be considered].

Geographical location following list:

Phoenix, Arizona

Concept idea following list:

Local Full Service Restaurant and Bar

Although you may feel the list is limited each of these concepts has by definition distinctive and unique features.

As the term continues you will further develop the business’s brand, vision, and competitive advantages through its menu offerings, marketing strategies and additional services and activities related to your target customer and geographic location.

You will use your assigned location and concept idea to complete the following independent assignments.

Assignments related to project

  1. Complete Alcohol and the Law Assignment
  2. Complete US Census – Block by Block Assignment
  3. Complete Article Research Assignment.

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