current event report 1


  • Write 1-2 pages on the given topic.
  • Please use 11-12 font size.
  • Review the topic given below and then add your comments.


Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is in talks to buy 55% of Flipkart through a mix of primary and secondary share purchases that could value the company at $21 billion, livemint reported.

In a deal, Flipkart investors including Tiger Global Management, Accel Partners, Naspers and IDG Ventures might sell much or all of their shares, according to livemint.

Amazon may submit a rival bid to buy India’s largest e-commerce company even as the target negotiates with Walmart over the possible sale of a majority stake, the Indian online newspaper livemint reported.

An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment when reached by FOX Business.

The stock of Amazon tumbled in recent days as President Donald Trump accused CEO Jeff Bezos of taking advantage of the U.S. Postal Service and putting retailers out of business.

Please review the above statement and answer the following questions:

  • By acquiring another company, do you think, Walmart and or Amazon could emerge as Monopolies? Why or why not?
  • Do you think, President’s accusation that Amazon is taking advantage of Postal services is correct? If yes, why? If No, why not.
  • Do you think these companies can collude? What could be the disadvantages of collusion.?
  • Give examples to justify your opinion.

simple words and sentences style.

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