Dear Gender Letter

Dear Gender Letter

For this assignment, you will be required to write a 1-2-page double-spaced letter to your gender as if it were a person. As female-bodied, write a letter to your femininity. If you could talk to your femininity, what would you tell it? If your femininity were a person, what would you ask it? Use examples from your life and texture these examples with things we spoke about in class or read in your textbook. Make sure to provide at least three direct references to unique course materials (videos, textbook, discussions, articles). You should cite your references using ASA format. This project should be both introspective and fun!

Rubric is as follows:

  • Personal Reflection (40%)= Are you thoughtfully analyzing your gender and carefully thinking about what you would say?
  • Connections to Course Material 50%)=Do you draw upon 3 or more course materials (readings, discussions, documentaries, etc) in talking to your gender? Do you fully make connections between these materials and your observations/experience?
  • Grammar/Writing (10%)= Are you using appropriate grammar? Are there any large spelling errors, issues with writing/grammar?

BOOK: Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions 2nd edition. By Lisa Wade and Myra Marx Ferree. Norton Publishing.

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