Debate – Emerging Issue

Your next assignment is due on February 21st…

For this assignment, you will debate whether the Harm Reduction Model is a Valid Alternative to Abstinence.  This model is referencing alcohol and or substance use.

PRO side: Last names A-P

CON side: Last names R-Z

By last name, you have been assigned the “pro” or “con” side of this debate. For this assignment, you will need to show a basic understanding of this topic through research. You must also demonstrate the ability to criticize aspects of this issue and to present your side of the debate. Be sure to identify at least two critical issues or points related to this topic (for example, ethical/sociocultural concerns). You must use APA format and include citations and references to support your side. Finally, your paper should adequately defend your position and discuss any predicted future trends.

A GENERAL REMINDER: PLEASE USE THE LIBRARY RESOURCES FOR ALL RESEARCH ARTICLES. Using Psychology Today, People Magazine, USA Today, etc. is generally not acceptable at a college level. We have no idea where their information came from and you do not want to cite work that you have not read first-hand! If you like an article from these types of publications, then you will need to scroll down to see who the author referenced and then seek out that information. Points are going to be lost for not using scholarly research materials and, more importantly, you are missing out on quality and accuracy of information when relying on non-scholarly, non-peer reviewed resources.