Define What A Project Is And Why Is Project Management Used In Operations Manage

  1. Define what a project is and why is project management used in operations management? Support your answer with at least two examples of projects used in operations management. 
  2. Describe the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and its levels. Where is the work package located on the WBS and what does it contain?
  3. Describe a matrix organizational structure and the advantages and problems associated with this organizational structure. 
  4. Three factors affecting project management decisions are cost, time, and scope. Companies and organizations include resources as another factor. Describe each one of the four factors. Describe how you would trade off between time and cost in a project.

Side Note: I need references, cited paragraphs and original work please. This book may help with the answers (OM5 David A Collier, James R. Evans)

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