Describe the alternation of generations

Ch 23 and 24 Worksheet

  1. Describe the alternation of generations
  2. For each plant below, list the plant features that can be used to describe the plant (you can reuse letters)
    1. Vasular tissue
    2. No vascular tissue
    3. Protected embryo
    4. Megaphylls
    5. Gametophyte is the dominate generation
    6. Produces seeds
    7. Produces fruit
    8. Alternation of generations life cycle
    9. Disperses spores
    10. Sporophyte is the dominate generation
Plant Characteristics from list
Pine tree  
Apple tree  
  1. You are buying plants at your local garden center and you choose a Boston fern, a ginko tree, and a flowering Gerbera daisy. Focusing on evolutionary traits, how are these plants similar? How are they different?
  2. Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis in the plant alternation of generations life cycle with the human life cycle (look at fig 10-8 if you need help)
  3. Would you expect the sporophyte generation of a moss or fern to have more mitotic divisions? Why?
  4. What types of environmental stresses are placed on plants living on dry land, and how do plants overcome these stresses?
  5. Flowering plants and other seeded plants are the most common plants today. If you could go back in time 400 million years, what type of plants would be most common?
  6. Imagine you and your friends are hiking in a temperate forest and you get lost. You have run out of water but you’re surrounded by moss. Would could you do to stay hydrated?
  7. If you look at a cross section of an old woody tree, would you be able to tell which years experienced a drought or which years had plenty of rainfall?
  8. If you were given an unfamiliar vegetable, how could you tell if it was a root or a stem, based on its external features and miccrosopic examination of its cross section?
  9. Next to each of the following, identify if it’s a root, stem, or leaf:
Cactus spine  
Venus fly trap  
Sweet potato  
Baking potato  


  1. The neem tree is considered the “willage pharmacy” in India and Pakistan. List 1-2 practical uses of EACH of the neem tree’s organs – roots, stem, and leaves.


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