Describe the process of perception as a series of steps beginning with the environmental stimulus and culminating in the behavioral responses of perceiving recognizing and acting.

Perception is a cognitive process, the processing that takes place; information is then sent to the senses which is then relayed towards our brain for further analysis. Perception is a sensory experience. Recognizing environmental stimuli; is the actions that are a direct response to the perceptual process. This is where we come to understand different properties, elements that pertain to our survival, the information here is critical to how we respond to Stimuli. Our brains organize, identify, and interpret different stimuli depending on our environment; that is how we can potentially perceive. At a music festival, it may seem that we are over loaded with sensory: First I will locate a spot and take my place; here I will lay a blanket down or put chairs down to mark my spot. One where I can observe all the things around me a long with my friends. To my left I can see bright colored stands full of band shirts and bohemian jewelry. To the right of me I see more vendors but they are all for food and beverages. I can smell this with including being able to actually see them working their stalls. In the center of my view is the stage, where musicians are performing, with this comes a crowd of people all enjoying the countless things taking place at once.

All of this together is what defines environmental stimulus. Perception, are these electrical signals that pass through the brain. This is then processed as an experience; like seeing a hula hoop twirl on a dancer’s waist. When we recognize, it means that we are able to successfully place an item in a category. For instance, I can tell that the instrument being played is a guitar; I know this because I can see the musician and I can categorize him and the instrument he’s playing. Acting; this is our physical response. An example would be the reaction our bodies have when we hear music. Our bodies swaying back and forth is a motor activity that is done in response to the perception process.

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