design a 11" x 14" about drugs education

Design and submit a POSTER aimed at effectively educating adolescents about making good, evidence-based choices when it comes to taking risks with specific drugs (15 points). Imagine this as a poster that might be hung in a school hallway, classroom, or office.

What might have influenced YOU as an adolescent, or other teenagers confronted by opportunities to try different drugs  –  to make safer, more informed choices? Is there an image, or specific information, or some combination that might have grabbed your attention and made you genuinely pause and consider? 

As part of this project, please include a separate sheet explaining the reasons for your approach (5 points). Why did you design your poster this way? Why do you think it might be effective (or at least more effective than, for example, “Just Say No.”). Be sure to reference research that helped determine what you included in your poster, and explain why you think it might be effective at influencing behavior.

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 11″ x 14″… printable format to be hanged on a wall