Designing Effective Sport for Development Interventions Video Discussion

Designing Effective Sport for Development Interventions Video Discussion

Watching the Grassroots Soccer Zambia video, what did you learn about the importance of understanding local cultural context when designing effective sport for development interventions?

2. In Hobbes (2014) the author paints quite a fascinating picture of international development – both positive and negative. Which of these examples (either positive or negative) do you think are most important to communicate to the sport for development field? Why?

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3. The Dvorak, Fuller, and Junge (2011) article takes a comprehensive look at FIFA’s “11 for Health” program. Using the example of how this project operated in Mauritius, please describe how this project used different development approaches (top-down, inside-up, outside-in) to create an impactful intervention.

4. Is there anything that was confusing or difficult to understand in the readings or videos that you would like explained/discussed further? Please explain why.