Dialogue Reflection Paper

Dialogue Reflection Paper

Use the attached document  4  5  6  to develop the assignment from it.

complete a 2-3 page total (6 pages)  reflection on the dialogue  that was held by a group of student in a CONF dialogue class one involved me (Syria one) and the other not (Islam phobia)

You are required to integrate concepts from the course readings into this reflection assignments so please refer to the documents above 4,5 and 6 on that ” provide supporting evidence/examples in order to make a cohesive written product”

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check  below doc for that and ask me before the time end if you needed more information

This lead the in-class dialogue had the title of war and Syria I was responsible for it with another member so here is his paper if you needed information about it, use his paper and reflection paper as a LOG to dialogue,

His paper are the one that we should do in another word I mean the assignment was the same Here it is :

1  and here is an extra one from another classmate 2 << again refer to these two to know what happen in class that other day Doc 1 was one of the members of the group that did that dialogue that other day with me,

2- As for the second reflection paper the other 2 to 3 pages I was an observer for another group and here are the paper from  a class mate hope you do the same but change the contact and refer to the readings above here it is HERE

Again you should focus on the interaction that happened and the dialogue it self rather than the topic,


Thank you