diet project reflection

Now that your Diet Project is complete, it’s time to think about what your results mean and how you might modify your eating to improve your health for a lifetime! For this assignment, you will write about three topics regarding your diet and health. In your responses, you will discuss what you have learned about your diet and nutritional needs over the course of the diet project.


The purpose of this assignment is to help you think about the food choices that you make on a daily basis and the impact that these choices will have on your health throughout your life.


You will write about three topics and submit the fillable PDF. Answer each topic thoroughly. You should write approximately one paragraph (100 words) per topic. Your response should be thoughtful and well-considered, and it should incorporate information you have learned in this class.

  • Description of your Eating Patterns and Diet
  • Comparison of your Diet to RDA/DRI
  • Personalized Plan to Ensure a Healthful Diet

FIRST, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader . You must use this application to complete the form. THEN, download the Diet Project Reflection fillable PDF. Save the file by selecting the “PRINT TO PDF” option.

Diet Project Reflection (1)

Level Grade



Exceed Expectations

The reflection provides a thoughtful discussion of all three required topics (description, comparison, and personalized plan). It is well-organized and uses appropriate academic writing style. Response to each topic generally complies with the length requirement (100 words per topic).


Submitted late day of – Exceeds expectations


Meets Expectations

The reflection provides a discussion of two to three of the required topics (description, comparison, and personalized plan), or it discusses all three topics, but discussion may be weak at times. In some areas, ideas or writing is not organized, but some organization is evident. An academic writing style is generally used. Response to each topic may be short and underdeveloped.


Does Not Meet Expectations

The reflection is missing two or more of the three required topics (description, comparison, and personalized plan), or it discusses more than one topic, but discussion is weak. Lack of organization impedes the reader’s understanding. Numerous grammatical and mechanical errors exist and may impede reader’s understanding. Response to each topic is very short and very underdeveloped.


No Submission


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