Digital Marketing and E Commerce

Tentative MK-670A Course Outline

(Details may change due to unforeseen circumstances)


Week Date Topic(s) Readings/Videos Assignments/Deliverables
1 Jan. 7 §  Course Description and Syllabus

§  A Review of Marketing Principles

§  Introduction to Digital Marketing

§  IMC and Digital Marketing as a Component of the Firm’s

Marketing Strategy

Read class syllabus Chapter 1

Chapter 10 (pg. 336 – 355)



Look through requirements for Report # 1 of the Digital Marketing Plan; ask any questions during class.


Form Groups during class; choose a company for your plan

2 Jan. 14 §  Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

§  Online Research and Metrics:

§  Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

§  Social Media Analytics

Chapter 9 and review Chapter 10


Begin working with your group on Report #1 of the Digital Marketing Plan
3 Jan. 21 E-commerce and websites:

§  Website goals and conversions

§  Website design

§  Website evaluations

§  E-commerce models

§  Online consumer behavior

Readings posted on Blackboard and you are encouraged to do your own research to supplement them.



  In-class Assignment 1


Report #1 of the Digital Marketing Plan due through Blackboard; begin work on Report #2

4 Jan. 28 Search Engine Optimization:

§ On-site Optimization

§ Off-site Optimization

§ SEO Audit

§ SEO Competitive Analysis

Chapter 2


 In-class Assignment 2


5 Feb. 4 Paid Search Advertising (PPC):

§  Advertising Campaigns and Google AdWords (aka Google Ads)

§  Setting Campaign Goals

§  Setting up the Campaign

§  Managing the Campaign

§  Analyzing Results

Chapter 3  In-class Assignment 3


Report #2 of Digital Marketing Plan due thru Blackboard (today)

6 Feb. 11 Online Advertising:

§  Digital Display


§  Remarketing

§  Native Advertising

Chapter 4  In-class Assignment 4


Individual Case study assignment reviewed– due to be handed in 3/3

7 Feb. 18 E-M  ail and SMS Marketing:

§  Best Practices

§  Designing Effective E- mail Marketing Campaigns

§  Measuring Results

Chapter 5  In-class Assignment 5


Discuss Reflective paper due 3/24


8 Feb. 25 Social Media Marketing:

§  Developing a Social Media Marketing Campaign

§  Social Media Advertising

§  Social Media Competitive Analysis

Chapters 6 & 7




 In-class Assignment 6



9 Mar. 3 Mobile Marketing and the Future of Digital Marketing

§  Mobile Web Design

§  Marketing for the Mobile

§  App Development

§  Future Trends in Digital Marketing

Chapter 8



 In-class Assignment 7



Submit your assigned Individual Case Study (via Blackboard) before class.

10 Mar 10 Team meetings for Digital Marketing Plan Reports and  Presentations  



§  Team Meetings

§  Online questions as part of final exam grade







11 Mar 17 §  Digital Marketing Reports  


Final Digital Marketing Reports due online; presentations done in class today; online essay due today


12 Mar 24 §  Reflective Paper due online before class today  


Reflective Presentations will be done in class today; paper due online before class.