digital piracy discussion

It’s time to come full circle to our look at the impact of file sharing on the music industries. How can you suggest that leadership in these various industries (for example, music, film, news) come together to find common ground in addressing the issue of digital piracy and file sharing? The potential approaches are many; from government intervention, alternate consumption models (for example subscriptions, litigation and public awareness/education.)

Please be sure to include concepts from throughout the term (for example, building consensus; regulatory frameworks; economics; other) and, as always, be sure to support your findings and conclusions.

Additionally, The balance of power in the music industry continues to shift and evolve, and historical rivals (for example, the publishing and recorded music sectors) may now find themselves on the same side of an issue.

The music industry is after all comprised of many different areas and interdependent relationships, in which “zero sum” approaches don’t necessarily best suit the issue at hand or the overall industry.

Please describe what you consider to be the “ideal” music industry of the future (5, 10, 15 years from now). What specific roles can industry leadership play in bringing about this industry and environment? As always, please be specific and support your findings and conclusions.

Please post your thoughts (and any relevant examples) of your proposed approach and how you advise leadership to face this focal issue of the digital age.

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