Digital Public Relations Strategy

Digital Public Relations Strategy




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My Client: United Way (

social media accounts: Twitter (, Facebook (, Instagram (

Please Read my project, the instruction and lecture in the attached file!

For this assignment, you will draft an outline of an integrated digital strategy for your client, that must include an influencer engagement component. Your outline is only a draft at this stage, and is designed to ensure you understand the essential elements of a strong digital
Your paper must include the sections noted below. It should be no more than two pages length. Do not include extensive narrative or explanations in each section; rather, indicate the flow of your paper, and the essential elements you will include, using bullet points. Also pay attention to the grading rubric for your paper, and make sure all the elements in the rubric are included in your paper.

Read in the instruction file and include all the sections in the paper.

Please read the rubric carefully!