Welcome our weekly discussion. Class discussions are mandatory and graded. Each discussion is worth 20 points. To get full credit for your discussion make sure you have completed all the following before Monday at 9am EST:

1. Respond completely to ALL the discussion points below

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2. Respond meaningfully to two posts of other students

This week’s topic: Earth Science and Natural Hazards

Step 1- read/review the following: “Alfred Wegener” Article under Instructor Insights. The article is also available at: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/history/wegener.html Steps of the Scientific Method (Week 1)

Step 2- Respond to the following:
Explain briefly  Wegener’s Theory of Continental Drift  Discuss the steps of the Scientific Method that Wegener followed in developing his theory Was he able to follow ALL the steps of the Scientific Method in his lifetime?  Which ones (if any) did he forgo? What was the response of the scientific community to Wegener’s theory originally? Why do you think scientists responded as they did? Describe 2 lines of evidence that eventually led to the acceptance of the continental drift theory and plate tectonics. How long did it take for this theory to become accepted? What was required for full acceptance of Continental Drift?

Step 3- Independent research

Go to the real-time Earthquake map at USGS: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/.  Take a look at the latest earthquakes in the US. How strong were they? Where were they located? Now zoom out on the map so you can see the entire world. How strong was the strongest recent quake, and where was it? Note the red lines on the map. How do you think these relate to Wegener’s theories and Plate Tectonics? Do you notice any correlation between the dots representing earthquakes and the red lines? Why do you think that is?