discussion questions and finance questions

POL 110: U.S. Government:

1.I’m Just a Bill – Please respond to the following:

  • Identify a bill in the House or Senate during the past 6 months that was scheduled for a vote but removed. Identify and discuss reasons why the vote was cancelled and implications for the people or congressional body.

FIN 100: Principles of Finance:

1. Inside the Meltdown

Using the following links to the Frontline video Inside the Meltdown, answer the following questions:

  • Short Version:
  • Long Version:
  1. What was the impact of the near failure of Bear Stearns and the failure of Lehman Brothers on Money Markets?
  2. What actions did the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department take? What were the impacts of the decisions if any?


1. Open the summary attachment & then review question and then solve review questions (1-4).

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